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  • Austin’s Exciting, Ongoing Story
    Estates Gazette, a leading commercial real estate magazine in the United Kingdom, has just released its Spring Global Investor Guide, and it features a big package on Austin. The story includes on-the-ground perspectives from Spencer Hayes, Managing Principal of Cushman & Wakefield’s Austin office: When I think of Austin, what quickly comes to mind is the availability of risk-oriented private capital to invest in businesses, and the intellectual capital to grow them. The metropolitan area is home to more than 2m people who are young – the median age is 33.5 years – and smart, as Austin has the third-most educated workforce in the US. People want to be here, so companies want to be here. That, in turn, attracts more people. This self-perpetuating cycle of growth has Austin on track to double in size by 2040. California tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook have migrated to Austin. Oracle just acquired... Read more »

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